The Institute has all the necessary equipments for effective teaching and learning and additions in the same are made continuously.
Presently the following equipments are made available for students and faculty members -
1 270 Terminals (Pentium IV – 110, Dual Core - 50)
2 2 Mbps dedicated leased line for Internet Access
3 9 LCD Projector
4 Two OHP
5 Two 5KVA UPS
6 20 Printers
7 63 KVA Generator
8 All required System & Application Softwares
Windows XP Professional full pack & Windows XP Media Kit
Windows Vista Operating system
Microsoft Office 2007
Redhat Linux Operating system
Visual Studio 2005
Oracle 9i
McaFee Antivirus
Turbo C++
Shri Leepi 7.1 (Marathi) Dev Ratna
Quick heal Antivirus
The total cost incurred from 2004-05 to 2008-09 accounted to 74.44 Lack.